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Dinner With Lucia

Lucia likes to be in on the action, and that includes dinner when she now refuses to sit in her highchair. She sits in between me and Andrew and is pretty much a nightmare. She is often not hungry at dinner so she spends time picking up random pieces of food, either from someone’s plate or from the serving dishes, and trying to feed me or Andrew. She also just likes to move the food around, so she will take food from one place and put it another. Inevitably she puts a spoonful of something in my water and on the floor.

Tonight we were all cracking up when she was trying to feed Andrew a clementine. All of a sudden she started spitting out a huge bite of breakfast sausage that none of us even knew she had in her mouth. Then she produced her fake/social laugh and got back to the business of trying to feed me and Andrew.

The other thing she likes to do is clear the table. If there is any empty dish she will try to pick it up and give it to one of us to put on the counter.

You might be wondering what she is like at lunch. Pretty much the same, but she sits with Susan and Elliot. 🙂

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