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Mari’s 9th Birthday

Today we celebrated Mari’s 9th birthday! It was a fun day, with swimming in the afternoon and then the Reagens and Liesses over for some Skyline for dinner.

I was looking back at Mari’s bio from her 8th birthday¬†and not much has changed. She continues to be on a very consistent schedule, waking around 7:30 or 8 and going to bed at 9. Of course, as she gets older there is more variability here. Her favorite food is “I don’t know.” Her favorite color is blue. Her favorite song is Royals.

Mari is going into 3rd grade next year and she likes language arts, which for us means reading stories and then drawing a picture from the story and writing a short summary.

The Revelers
The Revelers, waiting to open presents.
Mari Blowing Out Her Candles
Mari Blowing Out Her Candles

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