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Selling Our House

In Mid-December we decided to sell our house and look for something a little different. We spent the last couple of weeks getting everything ready and tomorrow we sign with a Realtor. We contemplated FSBO, but decided we have enough going on and would like some help this time around. We actually had a showing today to a potential FSBO buyer, but they were not interested, so we are back to the Realtor.

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  1. Showing today at 7:30. We gave them until 8:30. We got back at our house at 8:25 and it looked like they were still here because the lights were all still on and there were some odd cars out front. We parked and waited and saw no activity. At 8:35 we decided to give it a try and started to pull in the driveway. Then I noticed a purse on the table, so we promptly backed out and went back to our position on the street. They came outside at 8:52 and we thought we were in good shape. Then they decided to look around outside. With a flashlight. Eventually they left and by 9 we were inside.

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