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Mari’s Birthday

Today we celebrated Mari’s 10th birthday. The Beinkempers, Liesses, and Reagens came over in the evening for some Skyline, cake, and presents.

Mari at 10 is developing in a smart, helpful young lady. Mari has always understood people, and the world, and I continue to see that developing. She is often insightful and creative. Often when we are driving in the car she will randomly share something she has been thinking about or a new idea she has come up with.

Mari is still up pretty early, but usually when she wakes up she likes to lay in bed and read until Lucia wakes up. Then she will help Lucia downstairs. Mari likes toast for breakfast, and she is in love with mustard. She is eating more yellow mustard than I have ever seen anyone eat. What she is not doing, is eating it outside. She is refusing to eat outside this summer, because there are too many bugs. Mari is in bed at 9:30 these days. Normally that would be 9:00, but she is insisting on 9:30 because it is summer. She share a bed with Lucia and helps Lucia fall asleep every night.


Color: Blue
Song: Honey, I’m Good
Food: Skyline

Mari blowing out her candles
Mari blowing out her candles
Mari, Lucia, and Madelyn
Mari, Lucia, and Madelyn



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