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Day Two

It is hard to believe that yesterday was our second day with Rose. She slept well the night before, basically either nursing or sleeping all night, with only a couple short wakeful periods. It was the best first night that we have ever had.

We started the day with the kids hanging out with us in the room for a bit, then they headed to spend the day with the Reagens. Nate took them swimming and then it was back to their house for playing and games.

We spent the day with Rose and Lu, hanging out and relaxing. The nurse from Willowsong, Laura, stopped by at around 11:30 to check on Susan and Rose. Both of them are doing well and everything is checking out as it should be.

For dinner Susan and Rose joined us downstairs and after dinner Rose got to go outside for the first time, spending some time on the back deck.

Aunt Mary, Luke, and Mimi stopped by and then just a couple of minutes later Erin and the kids arrived. Fun was had by all, and then it was time for bed.

Rose slept most of the day yesterday, so last night was a little rough. Susan bore most of the brunt, and stayed up nearly all night either nursing Rose or just hanging out.



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  1. She is so sweet! My boys are loving these pictures/video, because your kiddos and ours are so close in age and they are so excited for our new baby too!

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