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COVID Christmas

By Christmas morning, we could have been COVID-free, but no luck. Susan tested positive on Thursday and I was not feel well starting on Thursday. By Christmas I was really not feeling well.

Rose – Free to roam about the world.
Lucia – Free to roam about the world.
Elliot – Free to roam about the world.
Mari – Never had it. Still on light quarantine.
Andrew – Free to roam about the world.
Rob – Day 3
Susan – Day 4

12/24 – Making Christmas cookies
Mari’s best cookie
Christmas church via Hope Lutheran – Amazing!
Family Pic
Finished Cookies
Cover Your Assets, which has been a staple during out quarantine
HOI, HOI, HOI – Christmas light drivethrough
Christmas Pajamas
The Girls
Watching The Grinch while we wait for the big kids to wake up.
Waiting to come downstairs
Elliot always gets a nutcracker
Lucia and Rose with American Girl Doll pets
Chocolate chip pancakes
Rose and Kira
Susan and Elliot
Rose made me a nice card and bracelet
Andrew was excited about this.

3 Replies to “COVID Christmas”

  1. Well looks like u made the best of it. A Christmas to “remember” or “forget”.
    Want to know how Mary made that cookie, she is so artistic and creative !

  2. Could u send me(email) the family pic. so I can include it with other pic’s to friends
    Would also like a print of the one with the 3 sisters ! Thanks !
    Happy New Year to All ! We miss u terribly !

  3. So sorry you are dealing with Covid. One more thing to make 2021 unforgettable. Glad your kids can seem to manage. Good job raising your children. Get well soon. 2022 has got to be better.

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