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We got a dog! Susan has secretly been looking for about a month and gradually wearing me down. When I was in Cincinnati earlier this week she found a dog just south of town. I picked up the dog after work on Tuesday and drove all the way home – arriving at 2 a.m. Since then we have had fun settling in. Overall he has been a good dog, well-behaved, with just a few bathroom issues to work through.

The details of his early life are sketchy, but we are working on unraveling the mystery. We were told he is a Bernese Mountain Doug mixed with a mini Australlian Shepherd, but we aren’t sure that is accurate. We might do a DNA test eventually.

Ruben on a blanket
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  1. Oh, Auntie Erin is smitten ! Such a sweet pup. Both fam. and dog r lucky. A win, win !

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