Cincinnati Visit

This past weekend we went to Cincinnati.

Dinner at my parents’.
After dinner walk.
Pre-FCC Skyline
FCC game. We are smiling because the weather delay hasn’t happened yet. Overall, the game was fun.
Sunday family party at Joyce’s
Pool day on Monday. I was at work.

February Catch-Up

Rose dressed as a 100 year old woman for the 100th day of school.
Rose, Lucia, and I went to the Father Daughter dance.
Elliot and I ran in the Red Flannel Run.
Susan and the girls had a Valentine’s Day party with friends.
Annual Valentine’s Day date at Panera – the kids were there, too.
Elliot got a new pickleball paddle for his birthday. More to come on that one.
Lucia enjoying some Girl Scout cookies. She has been gluten, dairy and egg free for a few weeks – trying to help heal her gut.
Dinner at Holly’s – I was in Cincinnati for work.

Cincinnati Day 2

Today we went swimming again at Holly’s pool and then went to a very hot Reds game at night for Fireworks Friday.

Susan and Rachel
Rose, Leah, and Lucia
Holly, Des, and Alex
Rob, Susan, and I guess Jill
It was hot.

Cincinnati, Day 1

Yesterday we drove from St. Augustine to Cincinnati. Not much to say about the trip, except I had motion sickness and we had to stop in a Walmart parking lot in Knoxville, Tennessee, so I could rest for a bit and we could get some medicine.

Rose going off the diving board at Holly’s pool.

March 2022

Rose is missing some teeth.
Andrew had an orchestra concert.
Lucia had a choir concert.
We visited Cincinnati. Lucia and Des
We celebrated Elsie’s birthday.
Henry and Andrew
Elliot and Sawyer
Rose, Mari, and Annie
At Graeters.
Rose and Annie

February 2022

I am going to have to do some monthly posts, to get caught up. Here is the rest of February:

Elliot got braces.
I went to Cincinnati for my Uncle Dave’s funeral. This is a bunch of people from my mom’s side of the family.

Cincinnati Visit

Cincinnati Fun

We haven’t been to Cincinnati in a year and we have been working hard this summer to find a time to go. A good window presented itself and we made the trip, staying just a few days in Cincinnati. We mostly hung out with my family, except for visiting with the Herrels.

Driving to Cincinnati

After a slight delay, we are headed to Cincinnati! We delayed our trip one day because Elliot started developing a rash. We weren’t sure what it was, but after a few hours we could determine that it was poison ivy.

The big kids like to rotate who sits in the back and are committed to making sure they switch at the right time. Here they are, doing the rotation.