It has been a quiet start to the new year. We enjoyed a lovely snow on New Year’s Day, but things have been quiet because of COVID.

Rose – Free to roam about the world.
Lucia – Free to roam about the world.
Elliot – Free to roam about the world.
Mari – Day 7
Andrew – Free to roam about the world.
Rob – Free to roam about the world, but a little tired still.
Susan – Free to roam about the world, but a little tired still.

COVID Christmas

By Christmas morning, we could have been COVID-free, but no luck. Susan tested positive on Thursday and I was not feel well starting on Thursday. By Christmas I was really not feeling well.

Rose – Free to roam about the world.
Lucia – Free to roam about the world.
Elliot – Free to roam about the world.
Mari – Never had it. Still on light quarantine.
Andrew – Free to roam about the world.
Rob – Day 3
Susan – Day 4

12/24 – Making Christmas cookies
Mari’s best cookie
Christmas church via Hope Lutheran – Amazing!
Family Pic
Finished Cookies
Cover Your Assets, which has been a staple during out quarantine
HOI, HOI, HOI – Christmas light drivethrough
Christmas Pajamas
The Girls
Watching The Grinch while we wait for the big kids to wake up.
Waiting to come downstairs
Elliot always gets a nutcracker
Lucia and Rose with American Girl Doll pets
Chocolate chip pancakes
Rose and Kira
Susan and Elliot
Rose made me a nice card and bracelet
Andrew was excited about this.

COVID Update

Rose – Almost finished with quarantine.
Lucia – Almost finished with quarantine.
Elliot – Free to roam about the world.
Mari – Never had it. Still on light quarantine.
Andrew – Today is his first day free.
Rob – Never had it. Still on light quarantine.
Susan – Never had it. Still on light quarantine.

Susan, Mari, and I have been testing twice a week and have been negative every time. There was a time last week when Susan and I felt a little off and were thinking, we might get a positive test.

Cover Your Assets

A few years ago, for Christmas, we received the game Cover Your Assets. We have played it periodically. It is a nice game because everyone in the family can play. It has become a staple during our current COVID quarantine. We play every night after dinner. The main instigator is Andrew, who has yet to win and insists on playing until he does. Another big storyline is that Rose often has the most valuable asset, until the very end of the game when somone steals it from her. She is not usually happy about this.


We are now up to 4 Lieslands with a positive COVID test: Elliot (already back to school), Andrew (feeling well, but has to stay home for a few more days), Rose (feeling 100%), Lucia (cold symptoms). The rest of us continue to test semi-weekly.

Day 8

We are now on Day 8 of our COVID quarantine. Elliot starting not feeling well a couple of Sunday ago (sore throat, headache, achiness) and got his test results back on Wednesday. Since then we have been laying low.

Elliot not feeling well.
Firetruck Santa on parade
We have been making a lot of puzzles.
A week later, Andrew is not feeling well.

Valentine’s Day 2021

We have had Panera every year on Valentine’s Day since the time Andrew was born. Even with the pandemic we didn’t want to stray from the tradition. It wasn’t quite the same as being in the restaurant, but we manage to make it work.

Around the House

Not much is happening these days, so I haven’t had a lot to post about. I decided to take some time to share what we have been up to these days, on a day to day basis.

Susan has been working 40 hours a week as a billing specialist at 515 Therapy, a mental health counseling practice. She works from our closet most times, going into the office on Fridays for a few hours. When not working, she enjoys reading, exercising, and going for walks. She and I are almost finished with a Beachbody exercise program that had 100 30 minute exercises.

I have also been working about 40 hours per week, either at the dining room table or in my closet office in the basement when I have a meeting. I enjoy exercising and walking with Susan, and practicing guitar. I am taking an online guitar class right now, learning some traditional Kentucky tunes.

All of the older kids are back in the classroom this semester and have been enjoying it. Andrew leaves for school around 8 in the morning and usually gets home around 3:30 or sometimes stays to lift or run after school and gets home closer to 5. For the past few months he worked a seasonal job at Target, but that has come to an end. He is around more, but with track starting in a few weeks that will come to an end.

Mari goes to school the same hours as Andrew, but at a different building because our school district has a separate building for 9th graders. She really likes being back in school and having more things to do. She is planning on playing soccer at Valley and has been going to practices once a week in January. In February there are 2 practices per week and some ACL strengthening classes 2 more nights per week.

Elliot is in 8th grade and is the most neutral about being back in school. He thinks it is OK, but would rather not go to school at all. His school starts the earlier, 7:30, and we pick him up around 2:30. He doesn’t really have any activities right now and his soccer season won’t start again until March. He has been reading more over the past few months and passes some of his time doing that. He also likes like Rocket League, Forza, and ping-pong.

Lucia was going to go to school this year but because of the pandemic we decided to keep her home. Same for Rose and their daily activities should really be listed together because they spend 99% of their time together. They spend a lot of time playing and pretending, either with their toys or with role play. They like to play with their dolls, barbies, and horses. The are up around 8 or 8:30 and have lights out at 9:30, but they often stay up too late chatting until around 10:30. Lucia is doing dance class online this year and they are both signed up for soccer in the spring.

Girls Night & Boys Night

Last night we split up the boys and girls from the Lieslands and the Reagens and had a girls night and boys night. The girls stayed at the Reagens’ and highlights included nachos, a dessert bar, fashion show, and couples yoga. The boys stayed at the Lieslands’ and highlights included sandwich bar, watching football, playing ping pong, playing drawful, and eating junk. Nate was unable to join us because he was in Minneapolis visiting his dad.

Christmas Day

Christmas day followed a fairly standard schedule in our house, with some modifications because of the pandemic. The day started at 7:30 when Lucia and Rose woke up. We told the older kids they could sleep until 9 so when Lucia and Rose woke up we watch the newest version of the grinch until 9.

The kids always have to wait in the upstairs hallway together before they are released.
Stocking unstuffers
Chocolate chip pancake breakfast
Lucia was really excited about her new American Girl doll, Joss.
Rose got a lot of new toys and made a whole estate for her new people and horses. Here she is taking a break to snuggle.
Mari made this neat artwork for Susan.
Elliot and Rose
In the afternoon we went for a hike with the Reagens.
In the evening we had zoom sessions with the Liess clan and the Hyland clan.

Merry Christmas!

Lake Life – in December!

The weather was awesome this week, so Mary Connor found a lake house at Sun Valley Lake for Gary and Kathie to stay at for a couple of nights. Mary, us and the Reagens came out for a day to enjoy the warm weather.

Sun deck
lake loungers
Susan & Rose
Andrew & Ian
Mari after getting in the lake
Elliot, Cam, Andrew, and Ian, after getting in
Susan, Mary, and Erin
Mari and Hope, sunset photo shoot.
Craft time