Prairie Walk

This summer we have been enjoying taking Ruben for a walk around the prairie near our house. He loves running off the leash, Lucia and Rose love the giant pile of dirt, and we love the sunsets.

Ruben’s DNA Results

Over the weekend we received Ruben’s DNA results. A Mini American Shepherd is the same thing as a Mini Australian Shepherd, from our research. So he is mostly Australian Shepherd, with some Bernese personality, and short hair like the Cattle Dog. Sounds about right. I will need a geneticist to explain the 1% Border Collie to me.

Bonus pic: Ruben getting ready for his first bath in the Liesland house. We spent a few minutes getting him comfortable in the bathroom. In the end he did an excellent job and was very cooperative.

Ruben Update

Ruben continues to be a dog amongst dogs. He is a good boy – most of the time. He is getting more comfortable in our environment. When there is a lot of excitement he sometimes gets too wound up. He has also been rebelling against our walks, sometimes refusing to move. Susan suggested last night that it may have to do with the heat, and it seems like there might be something to that. In general, Ruben does not like the heat. When it is hot and sunny he moves from one shady spot to another in our back yard.

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We got a dog! Susan has secretly been looking for about a month and gradually wearing me down. When I was in Cincinnati earlier this week she found a dog just south of town. I picked up the dog after work on Tuesday and drove all the way home – arriving at 2 a.m. Since then we have had fun settling in. Overall he has been a good dog, well-behaved, with just a few bathroom issues to work through.

The details of his early life are sketchy, but we are working on unraveling the mystery. We were told he is a Bernese Mountain Doug mixed with a mini Australlian Shepherd, but we aren’t sure that is accurate. We might do a DNA test eventually.

Ruben on a blanket
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Visit with Grizzy

This evening we paid a visit to Grizzy, our old dog. He has been living with another family for over a year now. He was really cute, but I think he is still a handful.

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We’re getting a dog (maybe)!

We have been thinking about getting a dog for several reasons. Susan has been doing some research and found a great opportunity just north of Des Moines, in Ames. She had been looking for Golden Doodles and found a couple who bred their dog, rather than a professional breeder. To seal the deal, the mother dog’s name was Bailey, which was the name of Susan’s dog.

We went to Ames today to meet the couple and the mother dog. The puppies were still too young to hold.