We’re Famous – Clive Living Magazine

A few weeks ago Elliot and I were interviewed for an article in Clive Living magazine. I thought we were going to be part of a larger article, but when Susan pulled the magazine out of the mailbox Susan said, “Rob, have you seen this?”

Track Season

Elliot it running track this spring. It is the usual cold, slow start to the season. He had a good meet tonight hanging on for the win in the JV distance medley and his team ran well in the 4×400, too.

Happy Birthday, Elliot!

Elliot turned 17 this year. He is fun to have around and enjoys running, pickleball, and games. He and I enjoy watching sports together and playing ping pong almost every night in the winter. He hit the gym a lot over the winter and would often stop at Ross on the way home looking for deals .

You can tell from his smile that he knew he was going to have a lot of “girlfriends” after his first attempt at blowing out the candles.

Spring Activities

We are approaching our spring activities season, where we will be busy with plenty of practices, games, concerts, dances and graduations.

Elliot is doing some PT to help with his hip for track.
Lucia is going to join her SCBD class from last year and start pointe. Picking out your first pointe shoes is a milestone and it felt great to be there with her.

Cross Country Banquet

Today we celebrated the end of another cross country season. Elliot had a good season and was derailed toward the end with a nagging injury. He’ll be a senior next year and we are excited for what that will bring.


This weekend Susan and Erin took Mari, Cameron, Elliot and Hope up to St. Bens/St. Johns for a college visit.

Riding in the minivan.
Lucia, Rose and I went to the Valley football game.
Susan and Erin were glad to be back.

First Cross Country Meet

Today was the first cross country meet of the season. It was supposed to be last week, but that got canceled because of the heat.

Mari near the start.
Cam, Rose and Lucia
Elliot near the middle.
Cam and Elliot afterward