Cross Country Banquet

Today we celebrated the end of another cross country season. Elliot had a good season and was derailed toward the end with a nagging injury. He’ll be a senior next year and we are excited for what that will bring.


This weekend Susan and Erin took Mari, Cameron, Elliot and Hope up to St. Bens/St. Johns for a college visit.

Riding in the minivan.
Lucia, Rose and I went to the Valley football game.
Susan and Erin were glad to be back.

First Cross Country Meet

Today was the first cross country meet of the season. It was supposed to be last week, but that got canceled because of the heat.

Mari near the start.
Cam, Rose and Lucia
Elliot near the middle.
Cam and Elliot afterward

Summer Jobs

This summer all of the kids are working.

  • Andrew – Smash Park
  • Mari – Target
  • Elliot – Tropical Sno
Cam and Elliot working together at Tropical Sno.
Bonus – Hope and Ian working together at Snookies.

Elliot’s 16th Birthday

This evening we celebrated Elliot’s 16th birthday. The Reagens, Mimi & Papa, and Mari’s friend Lila came over for skyline pizza, cake, and presents.

Some notes about Elliot:

  • Elliot would sleep until noon every day if he could, take a 3 hour nap at some point in the day, and go to bed at 2.
  • He likes to play video games on his phone and occasionally on the TV.
  • He doesn’t have a job yet, but is committed to get one when he turns 16.
  • He is a good driver and is planning on getting his license in a few days.
  • He likes athletic clothes and shoes.
  • He likes cool cars.
  • He and I play ping-ping and he wins 99% of the time.
  • He wanted that Lakers shirt for his birthday.
  • He and Cam play pickleball with me and Nate sometimes.

Favorite song:
Favorite color: Red
Favorite food: Skyline
Favorite musical artist: Yeat
Favorite book:
Favorite sport: Running
Favorite movie: