Ace Hardware

There is an Ace Hardware that is between our house and Erin & Nate’s, where we stayed for 4 weeks. I have stopped there several times to get much needed supplies for our house and always had a great experience. I feel like it is a cross between the neighborhood hardware store and Home Depot/Lowes. I will definitely be going there more often.

ABF U-Pack Moving

When we moved we rented a trailer from ABF, and it went great. Everyone one I spoke with in the company was always very nice, from the 4 or 5 representatives I spoke with while trying to get things set up to the people who work at the terminals in Cincinnati and Des Moines. They were always friendly and understanding. If you need to make a long move on a budget, they are definitely worth checking out.

When we find our camera, which I am sure is somewhere, I will post a picture of what the inside of the truck looked like when it arrived at our house in Des Moines.