Halloween Party

This evening Rose, Lucia, Susan and I went to a Halloween party at a friend’s house.

Susan (Jenny), Rose (cowgirl), Lucia (mime), Rob (Forrest)

Valentine’s Day Dinner

We have had our Valentine’s Day dinner at Panera almost every year since Andrew was born. This year was no different. A fun time was had by all. Andrew had other plans this year, so he did not attend. His chicken noodle soup breadbowl was lonely.

COVID Christmas

By Christmas morning, we could have been COVID-free, but no luck. Susan tested positive on Thursday and I was not feel well starting on Thursday. By Christmas I was really not feeling well.

Rose – Free to roam about the world.
Lucia – Free to roam about the world.
Elliot – Free to roam about the world.
Mari – Never had it. Still on light quarantine.
Andrew – Free to roam about the world.
Rob – Day 3
Susan – Day 4

12/24 – Making Christmas cookies
Mari’s best cookie
Christmas church via Hope Lutheran – Amazing!
Family Pic
Finished Cookies
Cover Your Assets, which has been a staple during out quarantine
HOI, HOI, HOI – Christmas light drivethrough
Christmas Pajamas
The Girls
Watching The Grinch while we wait for the big kids to wake up.
Waiting to come downstairs
Elliot always gets a nutcracker
Lucia and Rose with American Girl Doll pets
Chocolate chip pancakes
Rose and Kira
Susan and Elliot
Rose made me a nice card and bracelet
Andrew was excited about this.

Candle making

For the past couple of years Susan and Mari have tried their hands at being candle makers. They use old candle containers, odd jars, bees wax, and essential oils.

Christmas Decorations

It doesn’t take long for us to transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas. We usually try to get our tree up the day after Thanksgiving. That is also when we put up the rest of the decorations and we are allowed to start listening to Christmas music.

Lucia and Mari
Lucia and Elliot
New Christmas Pajamas from Mimi

Happy Thanksgiving

We were planning to go to the Connors’ for Thanksgiving this year, but because of Susan’s kidney stones we decided to stay home. In the afternoon we enjoyed an online escape room and then we prepared a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Christmas Lights

We hung some christmas lights.

Mari always insists on doing the roof work and Lucia and Rose like to join her on the roof. Mari wants to do the high part above the driveway, but after doing it myself the first year we lived here, no more.