Fourth of July Weekend

We took advantage of the long weekend to replace the siding on our chimney.
On the 3rd we joined the Reagens downtown for our traditional fireworks viewing. The moon was cool.
4th of July Pool Party
Pool Partiers
Jam Session

Happy Easter

Pre-Easter Egg Dyeing
Ruben on his Easter walk
Looking for baskets in the house.
Easter Swimsuits
Looking for Easter Eggs in the back yard.

February Catch-Up

Rose dressed as a 100 year old woman for the 100th day of school.
Rose, Lucia, and I went to the Father Daughter dance.
Elliot and I ran in the Red Flannel Run.
Susan and the girls had a Valentine’s Day party with friends.
Annual Valentine’s Day date at Panera – the kids were there, too.
Elliot got a new pickleball paddle for his birthday. More to come on that one.
Lucia enjoying some Girl Scout cookies. She has been gluten, dairy and egg free for a few weeks – trying to help heal her gut.
Dinner at Holly’s – I was in Cincinnati for work.

December Catch-Up

Dog-sitting for Sadie and Snickles.
Lucia and Rose making gingerbread houses.
Christmas Cookies
Family Christmas Picture
Hoi Hoi Hoi
Christmas Sweatshirts
Rose, Lucia, and I went sledding at Campbell Park
Liess Family Christmas
NYE Party at the Neighbors’
NEY Party at Our House

November Catch-up

I have once again fallen behind and will need to do some monthly posts to get caught up.

Andrew, Elliot, and I ran in Des Moines’ Turkey Trot.
Thanksgiving Dinner – We kept it simple this year with Andrew home from college.
Decorating the Christmas tree, a day-after-Thanksgiving tradition.
Rose, Andrew, and Susan
The cousins, with Ian and Andrew home from college.

Halloween Party

This evening Rose, Lucia, Susan and I went to a Halloween party at a friend’s house.

Susan (Jenny), Rose (cowgirl), Lucia (mime), Rob (Forrest)

Valentine’s Day Dinner

We have had our Valentine’s Day dinner at Panera almost every year since Andrew was born. This year was no different. A fun time was had by all. Andrew had other plans this year, so he did not attend. His chicken noodle soup breadbowl was lonely.