There was an eclipse. We couldn’t travel because of some obligations in town, but we made the most of it. Cracker Barrel came through with some last-minute glasses and we pulled the girls out of school. It was fun.

Father Daughter Mother Dance

Lucia, Rose and I missed the Father Daughter Dance at our church this year, so we hosted our own, at our house, and moms are invited (and brothers).

The Dancers
Elliot hung out in the background most of the evening. And Ruben.

More snow!

It snowed another 8 inches or so and we now have a lot of snow on the ground! The temperature also dropped to super cold, but that didn’t stop the girls from building a cool tunnel/fort in the snow bank on the side of our driveway.

Mt. Clive

When we walk Ruben in the evenings we like to do a loop around the prairie, at the back of which is a big pile of dirt. We call it Mt. Clive. It is a great place to let Ruben run and view the sunset.

Can you find Lucia and Rose?
The view from the top, on another day.