Cincinnati Visit

Cincinnati Visit

We just wrapped up our nearly annual summer trip to Cincinnati.

Day 1: Drive & Skyline
Day 2: Mar-Mar’s birthday and Joyce and Dave’s for 4th of July
Day 3: Rob work, dinner & Smale Park with Romans
Day 4: Dinner at Holly’s
Day 5: Dinner with the Herrels
Day 6: Pizza night at Jill’s
Day 7: Drive home







Jill & Will Visit

My parents left last Sunday morning, and later that afternoon Jill & Will rolled in to town. They stayed at the Reagens’ and left town on Friday. We had a fun time hanging out and exploring Des Moines (though they were able to do more exploring than we were).




Thanksgiving in Cincinnati

This past week we headed to Cincinnati for the week. I went to work for a few days and then it was on to Thanksgiving festivities. It was a good, busy visit. We arrived Saturday night and got settled in. On Sunday we headed to church with Mar-mar and then hung out around the house. Monday night was dinner at the Caf at Xavier and then we headed to a Men’s basketball game. Both are always highlights.

Dinner at the Caf
Dinner at the Caf

Hangin with D'Artagnanc
Hangin with D’Artagnan

Tuesday night we had dinner with the Romans and then the Herrels on Wednesday. Thursday was Thanksgiving breakfast, dinner with my parents and the Donleys, and then we watched The Sound of Music. On Friday Lucia and I went for a hike with Be-Bob, Jill, and Madelyn while Susan and the kids hit Ikea. Dinner was the traditional Friday night LaRosa’s.

Trip to Cincinnati

This past weekend we went to Cincinnati so I could work for a few days and also to celebrate my parents 40th wedding anniversary.

As usual, it was a fun, busy trip. I had to work Thursday and Friday. On Thursday the rest of the family went to the zoo with my mom, Jill, Elsie, and Madelyn. In the evening we went to the Lumenocity dress rehearsal. On Friday I left work early and we headed to the museum center for a couple of hours of exploring. Saturday morning we met Will and the girls downtown to play and we all met up at Mar-Mar and Be-Bob’s for dinner. Sunday we had brunch with my newly-ordained cousin Bill and his friend from church. Monday I had to work in the morning and then it was time for the drive home.

One other important thing to note about this trip is that Lucia was awesome in the car. She did really well, especially since when we traveled in June she did not enjoy it.


Jill, Will, Elsie, and Madelyn came to join us for Thanksgiving this year. With Mimi and Papa in Kansas City and the Reagens in Minneapolis that left just us for Thanksgiving. We had a nice, relaxing day – and a lot of food!

Thanksgiving 2013
Rob, Madelyn, Jill, Andrew, Mari, Elsie, Will, Elliot (Susan is taking the picture. I am not sure where Lucia is. )

Hiking with Jill and Will

Jill, Will, Elsie, and Madelyn came into town to visit today. We managed to get all of the kids out of the house to go for a hike in the cold temps.

Andrew, Mari, Elliot, Will, Madelyn, Jill, Elsie, Susan, Rob, Lucia
Andrew, Mari, Elliot, Will, Madelyn, Jill, Elsie, Susan, Rob, Lucia

Cincinnati Reds Game

We hit the Cincinnati Reds game tonight with the whole Hyland clan. It was the first game that we have been to since Will proposed to Jill at a game a few years back. I think everyone had a good time. The game itself was fairly boring until the Reds hit a game-tieing home run in the 9th. They ended up winning in 13, but we didn’t last that long.

Cincinnati Reds Game
Cincinnati Reds Game

Cincinnati Zoo

Today we went to the Cincinnati Zoo for Mari’s birthday. We were joined by Jill, Elsie, Madelyn, Holly, and Henry. The kids always have a great time seeing the animals.

The Three Big Kids Riding a Giant Turtle
The Three Big Kids Riding a Giant Turtle

Colorado Vacation – Day 11

Today we headed in different directions – Mari went to a garden in Denver with Mar-Mar and B-Bob, Susan, Elliot, and Andrew hung out in Boulder with Jill, Holly, Elsie, and Henry, and I, Rob, went for a day-hike with Will and Alex.

Mari enjoyed feeding her pretzels to the fish.

It was so windy at this point that the camera almost got blown off the rock. This was taken on our way up the Flat-Top Mountain trail.

Andrew's Glacier Preview

Will & Rob Slide Down Andrew's Glacier

Will Slides Down Andrew's Glacier

Colorado Vacation – Day 7 – Drive to Nederland

We were up early this morning, got the campsite packed up, and hit the road. We stopped in nearby Alamosa to have our car looked at. The mechanic said that our radiator had a leak and we should dry Barr’s Stop Leak to see if we could plug it. We got the Barr’s in and started driving. We lost a little more fluid on the drive to Nederland, but all-in-all we did OK. We were thrilled when we made it to the house.

We arrived just after dinner time, got the car unloaded, and then waiting for Mar-Mar & B-Bob, Jill, Will, Elsie, Holly, Alex & Henry. The kids were excited to see their cousins.

The View from the Deck

Living Quarters