Spring Activities

We are approaching our spring activities season, where we will be busy with plenty of practices, games, concerts, dances and graduations.

Elliot is doing some PT to help with his hip for track.
Lucia is going to join her SCBD class from last year and start pointe. Picking out your first pointe shoes is a milestone and it felt great to be there with her.

Tumbling Troupe

Lucia and Rose are members of the Tumbling Troupe at their dance and tumbling studio. They had a few practices and have been performing at a few high school basketball halftime breaks. Afterward the kids and families take over a local restaurant for dinner or a treat.

Lucia’s Pointe Exam

Lucia had her exam today for Pointe. They have been working on exercises and routines all year and today they got to present their work to a group of teachers to decide who is ready to move up. Lucia had been looking forward to it and did a wonderful job.