Pool Time

It isn’t the warmest yet, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the pool. I think the water was in the upper 60s today.

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Pool Opening

We opened the pool today. It was 50 degrees out with 25mph winds, but we went for it. Now all of the “Birch Worms” have a nice place to land.

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Late Summer Happenings

Lucia’s first time going off the diving board.
Susan and Shelly in Shelly’s classic car.
We went to a Des Moines Menace playoff game. They lost on PKs.
We went to a car show.
We decorated the sidewalk.
We went for a walk along the Des Moines river while Mari was at soccer tryouts.
Making bracelets was a popular activity this summer.
I was a referee at Keeper Wars, a goalie competition.
The kids made our foam float into a slide for the pool.
The girls played in the creek on a walk with Susan.
We got a cool volleyball net for the pool.
We went for a hike at Greenwood Park.
Rose, Lucia, and I went to the state fair.
Andrew and Susan went to Eatery A for a final meal. College departure is close.
Boy Cousins. They had a final weekend together, spending the night and doing some fun activities.
Mari’s soccer season started, with a new club. She is in the white.
We got a new couch.
8/16 – We had the Liesses and Reagens over for one last dinner before Andrew and Ian head off to college.

Pool Platform

We opened our pool a few weeks ago and just recently added this new platform for easier access. it is built from the playhouse on our swingset, and revamped.

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Pool Closing

Today we closed the pool. It was sad to see it go, but the temps are dropping and so are the leaves. It was warm enough to swim one last time today and then we got to work draining some water and putting the cover on. We will disconnect the plumbing and such over the next few days.

The bulge in the middle is a pool pillow, designed to absorb some of the ice pressure.
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