Friday Fun

Girls Pool Party
Trying on some of Papa’s old clothes.
Rose got her ears pierced and Lucia got her right ear pierced, again.

Father’s Day

For Father’s Day today Lucia, Rose and I enjoyed a very hot bike ride to Dairy Queen then did some light grilling on our “new” grill scavenged from our neighbor’s garbage. At least once or twice a summer we do te bike ride to Dairy Queen – about 4 miles each way.


As an add-on for Rose’s birthday, we went to Adventureland. It was Lucia and Rose’s first time going there and the first time they had been to an amusement park for a couple of years. They had a blast on the rides and with their friends.

I think they went on the swings more than any other ride, but their favorite rides were the roller coasters.

Happy Birthday, Rose!

Rose turned 9 today and we had a traditional family party this evening. Walking Tacos is the dinner of choice for Rose’s birthday and her cake this year was a Twix cake – she doesn’t always like traditional cake.


Lucia dancing on stage at HopeKids

This past year Lucia and Rose attended HopeKids Sunday school at our church. They thought it was OK and probably better than going to church every Sunday. Susan and I volunteered once per month as leaders.

Rose’s Music Concert

This evening was Rose’s 3rd grade choir concert. It’s always enjoyable. Rose loves it and spends the weeks leading up these concerts singing the songs for herself and anyone who will listen.

Tumbling Troupe

Lucia and Rose are members of the Tumbling Troupe at their dance and tumbling studio. They had a few practices and have been performing at a few high school basketball halftime breaks. Afterward the kids and families take over a local restaurant for dinner or a treat.