Ice Skating

This afternoon Lucia, Rose and I went ice skating. Rose and I went for a walk yesterday and enjoyed playing on the ice, so we paid another visit today with Lucia. Lucia made a lot of progress on the skates and Rose enjoyed playing on the ice in her shoes.

First Reconciliation

Lucia and Rose are both preparing for their First Communion this year, which starts with First Reconciliation. They attended this morning, with Susan. Both girls were excited to go and enjoyed the whole experience.

Afternoon Walk

It was a beautiful afternoon today, so Susan, Rose, and I went for a nice walk around the neighborhood. Rose wanted to make this nature art down by the creek.

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Not sure why this picture was taken, but it is a suitable time to post about the school year is going for Lucia and Rose this year. It is going well. We never pushed reading much with our homeschooling and we knew they would have a lot of catching up to do. They were both barely reading before the school year started. A couple of months into it, they are doing great. They each work with the reading teacher at their school and we can see their tremendous progress and some of the new techniques they are learning.

Halloween 2021

Susan dressed up as Moira from Schitt’s Creek and won her office costume contest.
Andrew and his friend Jackson went as characters from The Outsiders.
FairyLucia and Rose went as Dorothy and the Sugarplum Fairy


Today was RACE Day at Lucia and Rose’s school. RACE stands for Race Around Crossroads park Elementary. Lucia ran about 2.5 miles and Rose ran about a mile, with Susan and I joining in. Both girls ran well and had a lot of fun.

Racing with Lucia
Post-race with Rose. She ran very fast in her race and it was hard to get a picture along the way.