Rose’s Music Concert

This evening was Rose’s 3rd grade choir concert. It’s always enjoyable. Rose loves it and spends the weeks leading up these concerts singing the songs for herself and anyone who will listen.

JA Biztown

Today I had the chance go to JA Biztown with Lucias 5th grade class. The kids all assume adult roles in a community, running verious business and being consumers. The kids love it.

Lucia giving her CEO speech, Lucia sitting on the bench made by the Biztown construction crew, Lucia and Liv.


Susan joined Lucia today for CAFEBA – Crossroads Annual Fourth grade Excellent Biking Adventure. The fourth graders bike 5 miles from school to a park, have lunch, and then bike back to school, stopping at Dairy Queen on the way. Lucia has been looking forward to this for a while. A good time was had by all.

Lucia and friends
Susan and Lucia
Playing at the park