Our new house has a nice, big driveway, almost perfect for a basketball hoop. Last week we were on a walk and we noticed that one of our neighbors, about 4 blocks away, had a hoop that was used so infrequently that it was being grown over by a nearby tree. I told Susan that I wish we could just ask them if we could have it.

Well, they had a yard sale this weekend and Susan bought it for $5! All I had to do was haul it down the street and we were ready to play!

rob and hoop
Me, hauling the hoop down the street
Rick helped me get it up the driveway and level it with a 2×4 and we were ready to play!


One thing that we like about our new house is that it is close to a really big sports field, with plenty of room for plenty of activities. There are also some tennis and basketball courts that the kids enjoy. Tonight we got the entire family out for some tennis and had a good time.

Playing Tennis
Playing Tennis