House on the Haunted Hill: A NYE Tradition

Every year the Reagen and Liesland men play Haunted House on the Hill after midnight.

We are halfway through the game at this point and The Haunt has started. Cameron is the bad guy and is off reading his updated rules for The Haunt. The five of us remaining at the table must figure out how to make it out of the house alive.

Christmas Eve

For traditional Christmas Eve Mass we attended St. Francis with Mimi and Papa and the Reagens. Andrew and Nate were both missing because they weren’t feeling well.

The cousins in attendance.
The cousins with Mimi and Papa.
Andrew joined us for a family picture.
Christmas Eve woudn’t be complete wihout our annual drive through Santa’s Rockin’ Lights at Living History Farms. We call it Hoi Hoi Hoi.

Solstice Spiral Walk

To celebrate the solstice, the Reagens hosted a spiral walk in their backyard. It was a beautiful evening and a good time was had by all. Special shout-out to Nate who quickly improvised some candles stands, and mother nature for bringing no wind.


This weekend Susan and Erin took Mari, Cameron, Elliot and Hope up to St. Bens/St. Johns for a college visit.

Riding in the minivan.
Lucia, Rose and I went to the Valley football game.
Susan and Erin were glad to be back.

Summer Jobs

This summer all of the kids are working.

  • Andrew – Smash Park
  • Mari – Target
  • Elliot – Tropical Sno
Cam and Elliot working together at Tropical Sno.
Bonus – Hope and Ian working together at Snookies.

Branson Trip