Goodbye, Winnie!

Elliot & Winnie

Well, today we said goodby to Winnie. His puppy behavior was just too much for us. He was rehomed to a friend of a friend and it seems like a perfect fit. It is sad to see him go, but already our house is much more peaceful. Now we know.

Winthrop Washington

After a crazy week where I ended up traveling to Cincinnati and having to drive back because my flight was canceled, Susan and the kids packed up at the Case Haubs’ this morning and we moved to our new house. That is actually not the biggest news of the day. 

The biggest news is that we got a puppy! We drove a couple of hours to Barnum, IA to pick up Winthrop “Winnie” Washington Liesland. He is a 50/50 Golden Doodle, whose parents are both reddish and just under 50 pounds. So far, so good.

On the way home.

In the yard.