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Holy Trinity Gala

Susan and I went to the Holy Trinity Gala for our April date.

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Lucia’s Pointe Exam

Lucia had her exam today for Pointe. They have been working on exercises and routines all year and today they got to present their work to a group of teachers to decide who is ready to move up. Lucia had been looking forward to it and did a wonderful job.

Ruben Update

Ruben continues to be a dog amongst dogs. He is a good boy – most of the time. He is getting more comfortable in our environment. When there is a lot of excitement he sometimes gets too wound up. He has also been rebelling against our walks, sometimes refusing to move. Susan suggested last night that it may have to do with the heat, and it seems like there might be something to that. In general, Ruben does not like the heat. When it is hot and sunny he moves from one shady spot to another in our back yard.

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Hangin’ with Gary at Starbucks

Susan stopped by Starbucks to pick up something quick for lunch today and ran into her dad, Gary. Gary goes there every day.

Happy Easter

Pre-Easter Egg Dyeing
Ruben on his Easter walk
Looking for baskets in the house.
Easter Swimsuits
Looking for Easter Eggs in the back yard.


We got a dog! Susan has secretly been looking for about a month and gradually wearing me down. When I was in Cincinnati earlier this week she found a dog just south of town. I picked up the dog after work on Tuesday and drove all the way home – arriving at 2 a.m. Since then we have had fun settling in. Overall he has been a good dog, well-behaved, with just a few bathroom issues to work through.

The details of his early life are sketchy, but we are working on unraveling the mystery. We were told he is a Bernese Mountain Doug mixed with a mini Australlian Shepherd, but we aren’t sure that is accurate. We might do a DNA test eventually.

Ruben on a blanket
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Elliot’s First Track Meet

Eliot had his first track meet today. It has been a slow start as he was working through some injuries, but he is feeling better and on the move.

Friday – Jacksonville Beach

No college visits today, so after an early lunch we headed to the beach.

We made a sandcastle and menagerie.
Elliot and I watching the Xavier game on the beach.
Mari and Susan
Playing ball at the beach.
Family pic
Susan and Rob
For dinner we went to Mellow Mushroom, which had something everyone could eat.

Thursday – Jacksonville University

Candy Cane Lake at the University of Northern Florida. I was disappointed not to see an alligator during our trip.
Golf cart tour at Jacksonville University. I guess there was a lot of ground to cover.
Pool Time
Susan got in the freezing pool.
We made a sandcastle, just before the tide came in.
Shopping at a cool outdoor mall.

Wednesday – Flagler College

Today we drove from Tampa to St. Augustine (to Jacksonville, eventually).

Flagler College – Lovely, but not our favorite
The Flager Cafeteria
Downtown St. Augustine. Lucia likes to get a Dole Whip.
The old city gate.

Tuesday in Florida – Eckerd College

Sunshine Skyway Bridge
Eckerd College – Wait, this is a college tour?
Headed to St. Pete’s Beach – 15 minutes from Eckerd College
Playing at the Beach

Monday in Florida – Tampa

Today is our first official day in Florida. Most of our days will have the same format – college tour in the morning, beach or pool in the afternoon.

University of Tampa
Pool Time
Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay