The Lieslands

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Pine Tree Island

Our house is on a corner that is structured like a cul-de-sac. In the center of the cul-de-sac is a big pine tree that the neighborhood kids have fun playing in.

Rose climbing the pine tree.

Homecoming Dance

This Saturday was Valley’s Homecoming Dance. Mari and Elliot were in the parade on Thursday with the cross country crew and tonight was the dance.

Mari went with friends: Caroline, Nissa, Loran, Lila, and Mari.
Elliot went with a cross country group: Greta, Elliot, Callie, Aiden, CoCo, Will, Autumn, and Jack

Home Lunch

This is what we pack for the girls’ lunch. They don’t always get candy, but we had the parade earlier and they wanted to bring one for a friend.

Homecoming parade

This afternoon we went to Valley’s Homecoming parade. We almost went to the completely wrong place because we had the wrong parade route, but we realized it just in time and made it to the parade in time.

Lila and Mari in the boys truck
Elliot wearing a grass skirt.

Happy Birthday, Susan!

Tonight we celebrated Susan’s birthday with the Reagens and Mimi and Papa.

Home Meet

Today was the home meet for Valley Cross Country. It is a tough course and always seems to be a hot day.

Lila and Mari
Elliot and some guy I don’t know.

Rainy Saturday

Rose’s first soccer game of the year. It was 60 degrees and raining. We were saved by one lightning at halftime – the only lightning of the day.
Staying dry after the game.
Mari had two games today, both of which were cold and rainy.
In other news, Lucia is going to start playing the cello this fall. She will take lessons at school.

September Swimming

There isn’t much swimming in September, but there is some. I have been in a fight with the pool for a couple of weeks and I am happy to have it swimmable again.

Labor Day Weekend

Judy, Papa, and Lois
Erin, Julie, Susan, and Susan
Rose not feeling well.
Lucia feeling better.
Papa in front of his childhood home.
On Sunday night we went to see the Des Moines Symphony pops concert at Water Works Park.

First Cross Country Meet

Elliot at the start.
Vintage Coach Tryg.
Mari headed into the uphill.

Second Day of School

Lucia and Rose weren’t happy with their outfits on the first day of school, so they had us take more pictures.

Rose and Lucia

First Day of School

Every day they walk 5 miles uphill to the bus stop.