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Popping the Question

So, life has been pretty normal lately. We are getting a lot of shopping done and hanging out. We had some cool plans pass us by as our trip to Cleveland was cancelled due to me getting the 24 hour flu and leaving me crippled on the couch instead of up North partying, but things like this are bound to happen.

Susan is wrapping up another amazing semester. She never fails to impress me with how she can breeze through her classes. I think that she was born to be a school counselor. Next semester she just has two classes, and then another chapter is over (just in time for another to begin!).

Andrew has been walking a lot more, but he is still not ready for the marathon. I would say that these days he is walking a little more than he is crawling, but when he really needs to get somewhere he crawls.

Nothing really new in my world. Good news on the Pearl Jam front as they have a new album planned and a tour also. Hopefully their plans will come to fruition.

Happy Solstice. Don’t be scared of the dark.

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