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More Than Just The Time Has Changed

I was not looking forward to the time change. Mari had been getting up earlier and earlier every day. Then, the dreaded weekend was upon us. Friday night we were up late celebrating Holly’s birthday. I was optimistic that this would help them adjust to the time change. They were both up early on Saturday. Mari may have slept in, but Andrew was yelling “I need someone to put lemon juice on my stomach” at 6:15 in the morning. We got him his lemon juice and everything appeared to be back to normal. No big deal.

We were up late again on Saturday night, at BYOP (Bring Your Own Pumpkin). We stayed out late into the wee hours of the night (8:30 PM) carving pumpkins and eating cheesecake. At 2 in the morning Andrew was awake, this time with a fever. We got him some medicine and spent the rest of the night in the basement.

Since then we have been going to bed late (because when Andrew is sick he usually takes a nap, which causes him to stay up late) and getting up early. This morning Mari and I didn’t get up until 6, which is pretty good. Andrew slept until around 7:30. He appears to be getting better, but Mari is getting worse. She was back to bed by ten this morning and she now has the fever that Andrew had on Sunday. Hopefully this will all pass over the next couple days and we will return to our normal existence.

What else has been going on? Hmmm. . .

  • Susan doesn’t have gestational diabetes
  • Andrew’s potty training has been going OK. Sometimes he gets a little lazy, but he does well for the most part
  • Mari is totally cool
  • Soccer season won’t seem to end
  • Andrew is going to be a clown for Halloween
  • Mari is going to be some type of bird (I forget if it is a duck or chick costume)
  • Our house is still for sale
  • We are still enjoying the new minivan
  • Susan is still on a special diet, where she doesn’t eat yeast and is avoiding refined sugars. This means at in general we are eating less pizza, which makes all of us sad
  • I just order Mari’s one-year photo book, which is something that we are trying to get for all of our kids
  • I am about to up for another year of Tracfone, our pay-as-you-go cellphone provider
  • Susan and Andrew just finished up the fall session of Parents and Tots at the Cincinnati Waldorf School
  • The Bengals are idiots, but I am doing OK in the Reagen Ranch football pool
  • Susan and I are trying to figure out when we are going to be headed out West for the upcoming holidays
  • Ani Difranco is apparently pregnant, which we were way out of the loop on

I think that’s it for now. Enjoy.

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