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The Tiredest Day of the Year

I heard on the news this morning (at around 3:30 AM) that today is supposed to be the “Gloomiest Day of the Year.” Scientists “determined” this based on a number of factors, including weather, New Year’s resolutions, and the holidays. I don’t know if today will turn out to be the gloomiest day of our year, but hopefully it will be one of our tiredest. Mari’s sleep patterns have continued to decline. Last night I was up with her a lot, as was Susan. On top of that, Andrew was up early due to all the commotion. Mari and Andrew were both very congested, and she had a very little fever. Hopefully she is just working on some teeth.

Other than last night, things have been going well. We had a fun visit to the Contemporary Arts Center where we saw some cool exhibits and Andrew got to play in the “Unmuseum.”

Susan, Andrew and Mari made their way to Parents and Tots this morning. Susan says that Andrew is really cute and he tries to sing all the songs and do all the motions, even when he has no clue what they are. Mari was really tired this morning, so I can’t imagine that she was much fun. She really likes her personal space when she is tired, and that is hard to come by when you are a baby.

I hope to get some updated pics up soon, though we don’t have many.

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