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Swinging in the Rain

Andrew & Mari Swinging

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What a fun weekend! We started off Saturday morning at the Cincinnati Waldorf School. They have an annual May Fair which the kids (and I think the adults) really enjoy. It is kinda’ like a church festival, but a little more chill. I like it because I don’t get to interact with the Waldorf families as much as Susan does, so it is nice to get to see everyone.

After the fair we went home, rested, and then hit the road again, headed for our friends’ child’s first birthday party. We were a little late, and the rains came soon after we got there, but I was glad to be able to congratulate them and glad to get to a city park that I have not been to yet. There was a light rain most of the time we were there, but the kids weren’t phased, so a good time was had by all. We capped off the day with our nightly walk.

Sunday we were up early and off to cheer on the runners of the Flying Pig Marathon. One of my friends from work was running, as was one of Susan’s La Leche League leaders. We managed to see them both, a couple friends we didn’t even know were running, and some cool outfits. After rest-time, we headed to my cousin Dawn’s baby shower.

It was a fun weekend. Now all we need to do is out away a lot of laundry and clean our house.

Later. . .

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