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Des Moines Differences, Part 1

1. It seems like traffic moves slower. The speed limits all seem a little low to me. That being said, it never takes long to get anywhere.
2. The grocery store parking lots are smaller, and I bet the grocery stores are too.
3. Speaking of grocery stores – in Des Moines, and probably all of IA, they are not required to put the cost per unit on the grocery items, which makes it a lot harder to compare prices.
4. Yesterday we were out during rush hour, shortly after dusk, and it was raining. Traffic was actually moving. Susan and I were positive that had we been on I-75 at this time, we would have been parked.
5. On all of the traffic reports they always mention that it is harvest time, so watch for slow moving farm equipment on the roads. I have not seen any yet, but I don’t leave city limits very often.

I bet there are more to come.

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