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School Choice

We have never been sure what to do with Mari when it comes to school. She did not do so well when she went in for her observation day at the Waldorf School, but I guess that we were hoping she would grow out of the emotional roller coaster she is riding.

We recently heard that there may be some opening at the Waldorf School and we were thinking of having her go in for another observation. Susan decided to ask Mari about it. I think it went something like this:

Susan: Do you want to go to school?

Mari: Yeah, I am 3.

Susan: OK. You would be in nursery school, so you would have to go by yourself. Dad and I would not be able to go with you.

Mari: OK. I want you to take me. Last time dad took me I was scared.

Susan: OK, but I won’t be able to stay there with you.

Mari: I think I will wait until I am 4.

I guess that answers that.

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