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Play Stands

A couple of years ago I made these play stands for the kids for Christmas. Now that the kids are a little older I think they are going to use them a lot more. In the past few months the play stands have enjoyed a much larger role in their play – they have even moved them around the house a few times. The board spanning the two is actually part of the shelf we use for seed starting.

3 Replies to “Play Stands”

  1. Someday, when you have small people, I can make them some. They will be even better than ours, since things are always improved the second time around.

  2. We made one for our kids a few years ago too. It spends a lot of time as a shelf, but they play with/on it a fair bit too. Pretty neat. I don’t know if we’ll ever get around to making another or not, but they have been fine having just the one. It had a canopy on it that they loved too, but we took that away after they were taking it down and using it as a weapon. Oh, boys are great.

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