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Lucia Rose

Lucia Rose Liesland
Lucia Rose Liesland

After a bit of a wait, Lucia Rose Liesland joined us today at 2:35 in the afternoon. She was born at home, in the water. Susan’s labor started last night at 11, she was up at 3:00 am and woke me up at 5:30. As she labored we folded laundry and got the kids up, fed, and out the door with Erin. Her labor progressed throughout the morning and started getting intense around 1:30. Cosette, one of our midwives, was over and ready for action. Susan started pushing hard at around 2:15 and Lucia was born about 20 minutes, later, still in her bag of water. The kids were home about 10 minutes later and very excited to meet their new sister. Kari, out other midwife, was over by this time and she and Cosette helped make sure everything was running smoothly before they headed home around dinner time. After a busy day the house was empty by 7:30, with just the Lieslands, now 6, remaining.

Kari Weighing Lucia
The official numbers: Lucia was born at 2:35 pm on October 15, 2012. She weighed in at 8lbs 1oz and was 21in long.

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