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Lucia is 1!

Today Lucia turns 1! We already had her party a couple of days ago so we had a pretty relaxed day.

Lucia at 1 is still a joy. She loves people, animals, and being outside. She wakes up around 7, takes a couple of naps a day, and goes to bed around 8:30 or 9. She always goes to sleep in the Boba. She scoots around the house on her butt and army-crawls occasionally. She has been pulling up on things for a couple of weeks. She makes some sounds and sometimes we think she is making them on purpose, but it is hard to tell. She is eating some, but still gets most of her sustenance from nursing. She likes baby dolls. Whenever you hand her a doll she will squeeze it to her like she is hugging it and she will sometimes give it a kiss on the head  (or she is trying to eat it – it is hard to tell). She also likes to look through books, only tearing out the pages occasionally.

Lucia Playing
Lucia Playing

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