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Lucia turns 2!

This afternoon we celebrated Lucia’s second birthday! We had the Reagens and the Liesses over after Lucia’s nap for some cake and presents. It was a fun afternoon. Lucia loved all of the attention, singing, and opening presents. The cake was great as well!

Lucia continues to be an incredibly sweet, cute kid. She loves to say hello and always offers a hug and kiss goodbye. She uses ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ appropriately, which is adorable. It is hard not to give her everything she wants!

She sleeps with Mari now, though I still get her to sleep in the Boba every night. Every time I try something different it just takes too long, so we keep going with the Boba. It is great time together and I get a lot of reading done! She still naps every afternoon and is by far our most consistent sleeper of the 4.

She loves to dance and sing. She loves participating in the Bean Sprout activities, as well. She is in the Parents & Tots class all the time with Susan and will jump in with the Playgarden class whenever she gets the chance. She loves circle time.

At ┬ádinner, usually about 2/3 of the way through the meal, she folds her hands and says ‘pray’, until we pray. Then about a minutes later she folds her hands again and says, “More pray.”

She is not a great eater. She loves noodles and gogurt. She used to eat a lot of cottage cheese, but less so now. She loves rice and for her birthday dinner we had beans and rice.

She loves to go outside and go for walks. The kids do a great job of taking her out and keeping an eye on here when she is outside. She likes stroller rides and bike rides and is always up for an adventure.

If someone gets hurt, she is always there to give them a hug to help them feel better, or she will lightly stroke their leg or back. She understands what sad means, recognizes it, and sometimes imitates it when she is telling a story.

She is a pain to have in church, or anywhere she has to sit down. She likes to keep going.

She still says ‘Eeee’, with an upswing, when she wants to nurse. She calls her pacifier ‘pappy,’ which I think is ‘pacie’.

She loves to join in at the homeschool table when she is not with the Bean Sprout kids. She writes remarkably well (she at least knows how to hold a pencil) and will ask us to write a list of names on her paper, always starting with Hopey and Nate. She loves the Reagens – especially Hope and Nate.

When she sees someone she likes or even knows she says ‘Hi’ and runs to them, Susan gets this treatment all the time.

Lucia Painting
Lucia Painting
Happy Birthday Lucia!
Happy Birthday Lucia!


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