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Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a fun Labor Day weekend! Friday evening we went to the Browns’ to hang out with them and them and the Lewandowskis, our friends who live in Northern Minnesota. It was a fun evening filled with good pizza, discussion of significant life events, and singing!

On Saturday we went swimming in the afternoon, taking advantage of the last of the summer heat, and then went to the Case Haub’s for dinner. The ladies went out while the guys and kids grilled, fished, and monitored the bounce house.

Sunday we went to Ledges for a picnic and to play in the creek. Susan’s friend Holly joined us with her to little ones, Milo and Linus.

Monday is time to get back to practical ventures. With school starting tomorrow and soccer season in full swing, it is time to take care of some things around town and around the house.



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