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Daylight Saving Time

Nothing like getting up at 4:30 in the morning, before Morning Edition, before the local news shows start in the morning, and long before The Home Depot even opens. Before work today I managed to: dry the diapers, watch some TV, take a nap (for about 15 minutes), go to the grocery store, clean up from last nights dinner, eat breakfast, get Mari down for not one, but two naps, and go to the bank. Not bad for a Tuesday morning. The only thing that I didn’t get done this morning was a little reading, but I guess that is my fault for opting to nap, which is always a good idea at 5:15.

Other than getting up early (and going to bed early) things are going well. Andrew had a fun/cute halloween, although he was very tired. He is starting this thing where when he gets tired at night he looks like a bored student in a three-hour class. He kinda slouches/hunches/nods into a strange state of awakenessitude.

Mari is getting bigger at an alarming rate. She is interacting a lot more and is playing with some toys. She will shortly be wearing the same size diaper as Andrew.

2 Replies to “Daylight Saving Time”

  1. I too have been up around 4:30am with my Andrew, although not getting nearly as much accomplished as you 🙂 It is amazing the lack of television on that early in the morning. ahh, the joy of babies and daylight savings.

  2. we want more video pic's The latest blog entry was pretty funny, you get more done in the wee hrs. than I accomplish all day.Love, mom, grammy, mimi

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