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New Dishwasher

I am not sure why this is blog-worthy, but we bought a new dishwasher today. Ours stinks and while we were out looking for new bathroom fixtures we remembered how cheap dishwashers are, so we bought one. It is in Mimi & Papa’s (Susan’s parents) garage right now, waiting for me to come pick it up so I can install it this weekend. That should be an adventure.

  • We also plan on putting up our Christmas tree this weekend, and taking care of a number of other things around the house.
  • Tomorrow we are beginning our bathroom renovation and also reworking the archways on the main level of our house.
  • It is cold, and snowy.
  • I want to set up the stereo, but I am short a speaker. The good news is that I have my work PC hooked up to my Aunt Harriet’s old stereo from the 60’s, so I can get some good sounds there.
  • Elliot is talking a lot lately.
  • Andrew is getting up too early, but is still always a joy.
  • Mari has been hitting a lot. We know it is just a phase, but we hope that it passes quickly.
  • We still have a lot of boxes to go through. Most important is the box with our winter gear in it, and the stereo speaker.
  • I set up a room in the basement as my office. It used to be a tuck-under garage, that was sealed off. It is cold, but I like it.
  • Susan thinks that the skull hanging in the corner “does numbers for my office.” I agree.
  • I also found an old, fake, electric fireplace for my office. It has nice lights, but puts off no heat. Andrew thinks it is really cool. I think it is cool.
  • We are trying to get our hands on some firewood.
  • The hot and cold are reversed on our washer. I suppose I should fix that.

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