Certificate of Dissolution

This afternoon I filed the certificate of dissolution for Liesland Early Childhood, LLC DBA Bean Sprout Early Childhood. We kept things in tact during and after our trip in case Susan was inspired, but no-go. It officially marks the end of an awesome part of our lives for the past 10 year.

May Faire

Today we celebrated May Faire with the Bean Sprout school. It was a fun day with beautiful weather. 

Rose and Lucia in their May Crowns

Muddy Week

We’ve had a bit of a thaw this week, which made for a muddy week at Bean Sprouts and our Prairie Grass Guild hike.

Oliver, Bel, & Lucia on a big slab of ice at Rock Island.


Muddy Hikers at Prairie Grass Guild

Bean Sprout Summer Camp

This week we are hosting Bean Sprout Summer Camp! I am taking the morning off work and the kids and I are helping Susan host some kids from her program for a week-long summer camp. It is a lot of fun and we hope to spend the entire time outside. We even brought up our big school table from the basement and have it set up on the deck.

Bean Sprouts: The End of an Era

Miss Sarah and Miss Susan
Miss Sarah and Miss Susan

Today we celebrated the end of an era for Bean Sprout Early Childhood. After 3 great years teaching with Susan, Sarah is moving on to other things. She has been a large part of our lives for the past few years and will be missed!

Wintergarden Spiral Walk

Last night we hosted Bean Sprout Early Childhood’s Wintergarden Spiral Walk. It was a beautiful event followed by a very fun and very crowded potluck. I think this year we had around 20 adults and 25 kids all crammed into our house. It is always a great group of families who bring a lot of good food!

Susan Lighting a Lantern
Susan Lighting a Lantern


The Spiral
The Spiral