Glow Wild


This evening we attended Glow Wild, a fun outdoor event sponsored by the county conservation office. The turn-out was massive, and way more than they were ready for. After some initial disappointment with the long lines, the evening ended with an awesome bonfire and dancing.

Meals from the Heartland

Every year Meals from the Heartland hosts an ‘Annual Hunger Fight’ – a massive operation where thousands of people volunteer for a couple of hours to produce millions of meals. Nate volunteers regularly and also finds a time for us all to participate. This is Andrew’s sixth year, and the others are just behind.


Iowa State Fair

We had our annual trip to the Iowa State Fair. We went after work (when it is half price) and made our usual rounds. This year was the first year we explored the Little Hands on the Farm area, where the kids can pretend to be a farmer, and they get a treat at the end. The older kids and Susan also rode the Crazy Mouse, which is a rollercoaster.


Bill, Hillary, and Katy Perry

Little known fact: we are big Katy Perry fans. We enjoy her consistent hits and fun, positive songs. Today she was in town for a Hillary Clinton rally and we had to be there, so we were. Mari was at a friend’s birthday party, but he rest of us headed downtown for the rally.

After standing around for about 90 minutes Bill Clinton took the stage first. He did a great job, speaking without notes and working the crowd. He introduced Katy, who sung 3 songs and spoke a little. After Katy Hillary came out and said a few words before the crowd headed to the Jefferson-Jackson dinner. We went home.

Someone else’s full video. The audio is a little off in the beginning, but it is OK.

Meals from the Heartland

Today we participated in Meals from the Heartland’s Annual Hunger Fight. Every year they host a weekend of meal packaging and we have been there since almost the beginning. Andrew tells me that this is his 6th year. Nate also volunteers at an even higher level, helping manage the floor.



Adventureland 2015

Fourth of July Festivities

Jasper Winery

This evening we hit the Jasper Winery Summer Concert Series, with the Reagens (of course). The kids had a blast dancing up front!

The Lawn
The Lawn
Ian, Nate, Hope, Lucia, Susan, Mari
Ian, Nate, Hope, Lucia, Susan, Mari

Wills Apple Orchard

This past weekend we visited Wills Apple Orchard, a small farm owned by a homeschool family that puts on a fun fall festival. It is a cool place in a beautiful setting.

Adventureland 2014

Today we went on our annual trip to Adventureland with the Reagens. We could not make it during the summer and today turned out to be the perfect day, with plenty of sunshine and very short lines.

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I was hoping to do more with these, but time is not on my side, so I decided to just include them all separately.

Adventureland 2014

The kids on the raging river

Susan, Erin, and Nate on the Raging River

The ladies on the Sawmill Splash

Andrew and Ian on the Storm Chaser

Andrew in the Juggling Show

The Search Begins

The Search Ends